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boston-coroplast-signs-printed-screen-printed-vinyl-plottingCoroplast Printing

 COROPLAST is one of the more versatile products we carry when it comes to Signs. This tough and waterproof plastic can be used for Yard Signs, Political Signs, Parking Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Spinning Signs, Indoor and Outdoor Signs, & many More. Coroplasts plastic is 100% recyclable. We encourage the recycling of Coroplast sheets. This plastic is tougher than corrugated fiberboard but lighter then extruded plastic. Did we mention that Coroplast is waterproof and stain resistant? Coroplast Is Available in many colors white and yellow is the most popular. If you pick a color that we do not have in stock, it may slow down production times.

Materials Specs Available

4 mil. coroplast 
10 mil. coroplast
Horizontal Corrugated Grooves
Verticle Corrugated Grooves
Available in Many Colors

Printing Options

  • -  Single-sided Coroplast printing  -
  • -  Double-sided Coroplast printing  -
  • -  Back-to-back Coroplast printing  -
  • ----------------------

Types of Printing

-  Vinyl Decal & Lettering  -
-  Vinyl Printed & Mounted  -
-  Direct Print Coroplast  -
-  Screen Printed Coroplast  -

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 Adhesive  Backed   Vinyl
 Print  Quality
  2 Color Discount Coroplast Sign Full Color Discount Coroplast Sign Standard Coroplast Sign Premium Coroplast Sign
Print Color 2-Color on White Background Full-Color Full-Color Full-Color
Print Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi 540 dpi 720 dpi
Print Speed Fast Fast Medium Slow
Color Saturation Good Good Great Excellent
ExcellentIndoor Use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outdoor Use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Longevity 3+ Years 3+ Years 3+ Years 3+ Years
1/8" Thick Coroplast Price* $6.50/sq. ft. $7.50/sq. ft. $8.50/sq. ft. $10.50/sq. ft.
1/4" Thick Coroplast Price* $7.50/sq. ft. $8.50/sq. ft. $9.50/sq. ft. $11.50/sq. ft.
1/2" Thick Coroplast Price* $9/sq. ft. $10/sq. ft. $11/sq. ft. $13/sq. ft.
Cut to Size Free Free Free Free
Lamination Add $2.50/sq. ft. Add $2.50/sq. ft. Add $2.50/sq. ft. Add $2.50/sq. ft.




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